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Taking down a sukka can change the world? - Vayera

This past week, my class and I took down a sukka for a chesed organization.

In this week's parsha, we are following the life of Avrohom. Avrohom did a tremendous amount of chesed for all the people who came to his door. On a specific circumstance, Avraham had a bris and it was very hard for him to do anything. Yet even during the hardest times, he pushed forward and helped everyone.

In the times of Avraham we didn't have background checks or the ability to see if a person is truly safe. Yet even with the risk of it affecting his family, he still invited everyone into his home no matter what.

The lesson I took from Avrohom was that every person has the power to make change through simple acts of chessed.

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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