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Start the chain reaction - Korach

In the last couple of weeks, I had many moments that made me think, "wow, this event happened for a reason." An example of this is when we planned to see an apartment last Friday, but the car had a flat tire, and we could not go. Instead of going then, we went on Sunday. This allowed me to meet someone who referred us to an apartment that worked better for us.

This shabbos is Gimmel Tammuz (the third day of the Hebrew month of Tammuz). This date marks the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Menachem Mendel Shneerson). His Yartzeit (date of passing) is a time for reflection on his life and teachings. During this week’s group, I spoke about Judaism and spirituality by sharing thoughts or lessons I took from the Rebbe. Specifically, I talked about being Jewish and its role in my life. I stated that being Jewish is a relationship with Hashem, and each person brings something unique to the table. For example, the Rebbe sent thousands of Shluchim (emissaries) worldwide to use their strengths to empower the people around them. We see divine providence often when recounting stories of the Rebbe.

A specific example of this is when an individual in a faraway country was at a low point in their life and struggled to find meaning in spirituality and being Jewish. At the same time, a shliach was sent to that place, wondering if they had made the wrong choice. Through divine intervention, they met, and the Shliach helped the individual reinvigorate his relationship with Hashem.

Going out on Shlichus was hard for people because, often, the Rebbe sent people to faraway countries or states without family or friends. Still, they were successful through the challenges and made a massive difference in the world. In the moment of challenge, thinking optimistically about the future is tremendously difficult. After a while, I look back and realize, “this is why that happened.” Analyzing the interactions or challenges, I faced along the way makes it clear that Hashem placed me in the situation for a purpose. This week, join me as I take one extra good deed to make today better than yesterday. Hopefully, through that act, we will start a chain reaction that transforms the world and reunites us with all our loved ones and the Rebbe!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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