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Spreading The Essence Not Swallowing It! - Korach

One of my favorite memories of homemade pizza is the process in which it is done. The way to do so is to take a metal round pan and spread the dough from the middle towards the outside. The lesson to learn is that the biggest clump of dough starts out by itself and then is  spread to make a thin cover over the entirety of the circle.

In this week's Parsha, Parshas Korach, Korach starts out alone with a plan to show that Moshe was wrong. In a short amount of time, Korach was not the only one chanting, but equally chanting with many others. We see from this that one person has an idea and everyone joins together to create a larger plan.

We see in this Parsha that the power that brought everyone together was a negative idea. But what if we all came together with something positive? So this week, and furthermore, this month and summer, let's come together on a positive idea - one that will change this world not swallow it.

Mashiach Now

All the best Ay Ross

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