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Good V.S Evil! - Korach

Everyday items like a strainer or filter can be useful for many things. For example if you have a pot of noodles mixed with water but just want the noodles, a strainer makes eating comfortably a possibility. Let's say you have a contaminated water supply, the only way to drink the water is to clean it with a filter. Lastly if you want to use your phone late at night but the white light will damage your eyes, a blue light filter will make the light come out differently therefore keeping your eyes healthy for learning Torah.  In this week's Parsha, Korach and his men made such a bad uprising that Hashem told Moshe to step away from the nation so he wouldn't get hurt and He would wipe them out. Moshe pleaded with Hashem that the whole nation should not suffer from Korach, so Hashem made the earth swallow Korach and only the people involved with him. The point is that Hashem filtered out which people wouldn't change their ways by sending them with Korach, while keeping the people who had only righteous intentions in the midst. Just like water that doesn't cling to the pasta wont stay in the pot, so too the Jewish people who did not cling to Hashem, did not stay as Jewish people for long.   Every day we face decisions whether to do something or not. For example, turning on the white light for five minutes so the picture is clearer, (even though it may ruin our vision in the future.) Although the Yetzer hara battles hard for us to give in only for a minute, that will lead to our defeat! What steps should we take to break the Yetzer hara and filter out all of its suggestions? What steps did Moshe and Aaron take to fight against Korach and his people? My plan this week and in part the answer to this question is that when we overpower the world with good, no one will have time to look at what the Yetzer hara has to offer. Therefore  let us all take one minute to do an act of kindness and hopefully that act is the one that brings back our family and friends with the coming of Moshiach!!  Good Shabbos!   All the best   Moshiach now!  Avroham Y Ross

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