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Self perfection - Chukas

Fashion is a very celebrated part of life, and that is admirable to a degree. What makes it so is that fashion makes everything appear perfect , neat, and pleasing to the eye.

In this weeks parsha, Parshas Chukas, HASHEM commands the Jewish people to take to a parah adumah, a red calf. It must be completely red and contain no blemishes. The Jews were commanded to and bring it outside the camp, slaughter it, completely burn it, and keep the ashes for ritual sacrament.

Fashion is the art and an act of self expression in a most perfect form. Self expression is a stance that one or more people make in an effort to express individuality. As we continue to await and yearn for the arrival of Moshiach, we all must tap into our sense of individuality. There is something that each of us, in our own individual way, can do in order to facilitate the imminent arrival of Moshiach. Let us continue to strive for perfection in an effort to bring him speedily in our day.

Wishing all a good  Shabbos,

Sincerely yours, A.Y. Ross

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