A special opportunity! - US Chukas / ISR Balak

This past Sunday, I travelled to Eretz Yisrael. For the past little while, the parsha schedule for Eretz Yisrael has been a week ahead of America. This gives everyone who flew to Eretz Yisrael during this time a rare opportunity to figure out what parsha we should be focusing on for shabbos.

Speaking of rare topics, in America, we are reading the parsha called Chukas. One of the key topics in this parsha is the red heifer. This cow is very rare since it has to be completely red without any different hairs or blemishes. As we know from the Rambam, the tenth פרה אדומה (red heifer) will be in the times of moshiach and therefore we get excited about any possible news regarding possible specimens.

When I was younger, we used to read a book based on a story written in gemara kedushin about a child and his father who ran a store. One day, the father went to take a nap but told his son that important people from the bais Hamikdash were coming to buy important stones for the Kohen Gadol's breastplate. When they came, the son went to give them the stones but realized that his father's feet were on the box. If he was to open the box, his father would wake up. He went back to the people and told them that they wouldn't be able to get the stones due to the circumstances. Later on when the father woke up, he asked his son about the stones. The son responded that, since the father was sleeping and the son wanted to do the mitzvah of kibbud av, he wasn't able to sell the stones. In the merit of this child's kibbud av, a פרה אדומה was born to them.

Sometimes, the littlest of mitzvos can make so much of a difference in the world. You can do one mitzvah and, in that merit, Hashem will bless the generation with the final פרה אדומה. Alternatively, you can also do one action that will brighten up someone's life. Hopefully, in the merit of doing a good deed, everyone will be able to join me this friday night by the Bais Hamikdash or, alternatively, the Western Wall!

Moshiach now!

Good Shabbos

Avroham Y Ross

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