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Last week i ended off with a sentence about responsibility, which got me thinking. Each and every person is put on this world with a mission of complete responsibility. As many goals or missions turn out that they don't always get completed, but many people go down trying!

In this week's parsha, Parsha’s Zachor &  Parsha’s Vayikra. Hashem tasks us with the  goal of remembering and wiping out amalek. The obvious question is how does one person do that? The answer is that when every person does his/her avodah, takes care of his responsibilities. It is like he/she is wiping out amalek. Some people also have a minhag to put the word amalek on the bottom of their shoe in order to physically wipe them out!

Many times people have responsibilities but don't finish them. Sometimes it's because of lack to interest, or maybe it's just impossible! My message and a brief recap is that every person proves hes responsible by trying really hard to complete the goal. Although many may fail at least they tried hard. In the future No matter the goal or the circumstance always try hard till you cant. Take the message of this parsha to the next level and bring mashiach.

Good Shabbos

Mashiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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