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Don't sit in pity, do something about it! - Acharei Mos

Pesach is so intrinsically connected to the idea of geulah that it is called the holiday of redemption. After spending the past two weeks in complete ecstasy, I came back to real life only to realize that moshiach isn't here yet. Bothered by this concept, I went to a friend who comforted me by saying, “If you wallow in sorrow, no one will benefit. However, if we do something about it, we can actually achieve something.” The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches in a chassidic discourse that Mitzrayim can be compared to the animal soul. In order to be released from the golus, Hashem overpowered the animal soul so that it fell asleep and we were able to leave. On Chof Ches Nissan of the year 5751, the Rebbe demanded of everyone that we need to do everything we can to bring Moshiach! It's been way too long and Moshiach isn't here yet but, if we all come together and overpower the animal soul through doing physical acts (mitzvos), we can transform the darkness into light and bring the ultimate redemption immediately! Good shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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