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Infusing Your Life With Mitzvos! - Acharei-Kedoshim

When life is comfortable, why should we change it? Why put in any more effort if we’ve peaked? Where’s the motivation to keep on growing? Recently, I learned a sicha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe which said, no matter if a person has reached the highest level, there is always room to go higher.

This weeks parsha is Acharei-Kedoshim. The translation of Kadosh from the word Kedoshim means to make holy. Taking a mundane aspect and using it to become closer to Hashem. For example a mitzva done by a phone.

The Maggid of Mezrich (the teacher of the Alter Rebbe who started chabad chassidus), explains that the words  וחי בהן can mean “ put life into them.” We have to bring life into the mitzvahs we do. Therefore lets use every tool possible.

A lesson to apply to one’s life could be, to take one uncomfortable mitzva and make it comfortable. It can be to use the mundane aspects of life and make them holy even if its uncomfortable. By doing so the ladder may shake but it ends with us stepping onward and upward closer to Hashem!

Good shabbos All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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