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Reflection! - Shavuos

As we count down to the end of the school year, we can reflect on what kind of year we had. The question you might ask yourself is: "what major achievements did I reach this past year?" On the flip-side, you might ask yourself: "what things do I wish went differently?" After a person asks himself these questions and sits to reflect on the answers, he can then start working on what to improve and work on in the summer. Now, let me connect this to Shavuos.

In two days we enter this amazing holiday. In my opinion, a person can constantly spread as much light as he or she can, just because it is Shavuos. The message I take from this holiday is that we got the Torah many years ago, and now, we still celebrate! We shouldn't just celebrate getting the Torah, but we should take time to internalize our gift! 

In this situation we are counting up the days to Shavuos. This is when we can reflect on the year, and burst through our “shell” for the remaining months until the new year. In most situations, we count down the days to the end of school or an exciting event. In that case we are internalizing the year, so through the summer we can make some more amazing decisions that will change our lives for the better.

The question one may ask is why I'm talking about reflecting on the year if it’s not Rosh Hashana. The answer and a message I want to leave each and every one of you with, including myself,  is to use every situation you are given to improve yourself and to try to make positive changes. It’s not just the reflection of a year, or even three months that are going to make a difference, but a thirty second daily reflection can have a major impact. We should realize that we get judged daily in heaven, so we should make time to judge ourselves first!

In that light, may it be these kinds of actions that help to reunite all of us with our loved ones, with the coming of Mashaich. B’karov MAMASH!

Moshiach NOW. Good Shabbos All the best Avrohom Yehudah Ross

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