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Something From Nothing!- Shavuos!

Traveling to New York leaves me with some really great stories. As I got off the subway, I saw a man using pots and pans as a drum set and a pair of tree trunks as sticks. As I watched him, I saw the excitement in his eyes as he used his drum, even though it definitely wasn't the first choice for an instrument.

Tomorrow is eruv Shavuos, a time where we get the biggest present, the Torah. Even though the Torah is such a big gift, still, so many people don't appreciate it. This concept is like life; we could be happy with a garbage can drum set or we could be upset till we get a expensive one. Let's learn from this man who sleeps on a subway floor, and take the mundane items in order to make the most pure, amazing sounds.

In life, we may not have it all. We don't always realize the things that seemingly look mundane. The mission we have going forward is to raise the mundane with spirituality. As we head into Shavuos, let's elevate the regular days into ones of Torah and mitzvos!

Have a good Yom Tov!

Mashiach Now All the Best Avroham Y Ros

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