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Pushing Away All The Negativity! - Devarim

It has been a tough spiritual time for the world due to the historical events surrounding Tisha Ba’av. The sadness and effect this time can take on a person gets deminished due to this society. If someone thinks about it just a little bit more than usual, this isn't paradise and we are all struggling. In a little deeper meaning, this isn't home and it will never be. As we move through life sometimes taking a new approach will help things to seem better. Please follow me as we go through a tiny journey into this weeks parsha.

In this weeks Parsha, Parshas Devarim. We open a new book and a new chapter to an amazing long lasting journey. In essence this book is a review of what we learned so far. To put this in perspective, life is a journey and we are going to struggle at some point but to complete the failed mission and then recap it is the greatest feeling.

It has been a sad time and just like by a failed mission, we should not let that get us down. The reason that the sadness looks diminished, is because in order to survive we have to put that to the side and regain control.

Let's use this message as a stepping stone to bring us into Yerushaliam. I hope that by spreading all the light we can right now, this shabbos will be the latest time we will be in golus!

Have an amazing shabbos! All The best Avroham Yehudah Ross

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