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Phase's Are The Root To Growing Older!

Life is full of phases. As a teenager I go through many different ones during the year. It comes from growing up through whatever heart tearing process you choose. If it is a regular inspiring shabbos, out of the blue, or any other way, you choose to move through that phase. Every different phase and process is an effort so we can go up to heaven at 120, and say: “I have gone through every phase and have nothing more to do!”

My friend and I were learning Tanya this week. In the middle of the perek a thought crossed my mind about a particular pasuk. Our neshamos are on many different levels of kedusha. Our job is to rise in kedusha through those levels. In order to rise in Kedusha we have to break through each phase. 

We all have phases, and as I mentioned earlier our mission is to go up after 120, and say: “I have gone through all of them.” So in this coming week, month, or year, let me fulfill the mission of internalizing this message. I want to take on something that I have been having trouble with. I hope you will join me as we all rise in kedusha and break the biggest phase or barrier, the one of golus! Let's change the world and bring mashiach right now.

MOSHIACH NOW! Have an Amazing shabbos All the best  Avroham Yehudah Ross

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