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Perspecive is the key to life! - Shemini

There was a man and all his life he lived in the jungle. He ate like a jungle native, he acted like a jungle native and he thought like a jungle native. One day, this man decided to journey to the big city to see what the ”real world” had to offer. When he got there, the place that made the biggest impression on him, was the hospital. In the hospital, the doctors were doing surgery involving cutting people with knives to remove bad limbs or infections. The man who had lived in a jungle all his life couldn’t understand how knives could be used for anything but harm. So why was it used so willingly in this situation? He learned and began to appreciate that by doing the surgeries, the doctors were actually helping their patients.

In this week's parsha, Parsha’s Shemini says that  Aaron's sons, Nadav and Avihu, each took their pans, put fire and spices in them, and then brought them before HASHEM. (which He had not commanded them to do.) Nadav and Avihu’s  pure intentions were to serve Hashem, and they did it willingly.  What ended up happened was that they sacrificed themselves doing so.

In daily life we run into situations that can be viewed differently depending on perspective. As in the parable, the situation could be viewed from the jungle native’s perspective where he sees the people being chopped up for no good reason. Or it could be viewed from the doctor’s perspective where the patient's life is being saved. Once the jungle native learned what was really happening, he was able to change his perspective.

I hope that when we come to these kinds of situations in life, we can stop and try to weigh all the angles to reach the correct perspectives. We should all merit to be able to see every situation with the proper perspective to help bring us to our complete redemption!

I enjoyed ALL your feedback last week and hope to get more in the future!

Mashiach NOW

Have an amazing shabbos!

All The Best

Avroham Y Ross

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