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Dear Friends! - Shemini

I really hope your Pesach went well, because my Pesach was beyond amazing. This Pesach was so great that all my plans of writing content that would inspire me and hopefully inspire you didn't happen. I apologize greatly for not having what to share with you this week, but I urge you to reach out and send me ideas and stories from your Pesach that inspired you which I can incorporate into the future articles.

I was thinking about a short question with regard to sefira. During sefira we count up and not down, why not? Shouldn't we be excited for Shavuos and want to count the remaining days? There are many answers given but I have one that came to mind. When you think of age its about moving up, taking the experience and growing from it. This means not looking down on it as one more experience left! So too with sefira, each day many of us gain a further understanding, therefore it only makes sense to count up!

On the same note of counting up, we learn in gemara you should only go up in kedusha and not down. Taking that to heart, my birthday hachlata this year is to double my efforts in going from one strength to another, hopefully bringing mashiach now!

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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