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Doing Nothing Wont Complete The Goal - Parsha's Shemini

During the month of Nissan and the Holiday of Pesach, the theme is Geulah. It is only fitting that since my birthday is during that time, geulah is most important to me. There are many who shy away from the topic of geulah and every time the word is mentioned you will see a small but noticeable cringe. Here is my personal view.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Shemini, Aaron and his sons became Kohanim, and they had a huge job ahead of them. They were there to serve the B'nei Yisrael, bringing karbonos for them and light the menorah to spread light throughout the world.

In this generation, so much is said but little is done. When it comes to geulah it feels as if we are sitting and waiting. For example, if someone wanted to get fit, but didn't change how they eat or exercise, they would hate to hear about losing weight.

Many people sit around and expect change without doing anything to achieve it. They are uncomfortable with the concept of Moshiach because they don't see themselves as part of the process. We can make the geulah a likeable thing by getting involved and doing our part to bring it closer.

Let's join together and complete the mission. Be like the Kohanim who got the job done. Join me as we bring Moshiach!

All the best

Good shabbos

Avroham Yehudah Ross

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