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Mazel Tov! - BO

About 2 years ago around October 22 2012, a vicious hurricane hit many states. It was called hurricane sandy,hurricane sandy put a lot of people without electricity and lights. I remember that most of the day we could not do much, either the thing we wanted to do ran on electricity or we couldn't see it. Some of us would know what it felt like in the olden days others never had that test !!!! 

During the hurricane their were people who lost their houses they also lost electricity but there were others who were fortunate to not lose anything at all.

In this weeks parsha, pashas  BO darkness hit the land of mitzrayim. The darkness of mitzrayim was not the same as the darkness of no electricity or olden days. At some point of the maka they were stuck in their spot and could not move. 

But at the same time we the Jews were fortunate to move freely with no problem at all.

In this generation the road to spreading light is wide open and ready to use but i have a question WHY ARE WE SO CAUGHT UP IN THE GARBAGE?

Its a problem that needs to be fixed and hopefully i can help fix with that we can bring mashiach now!

All the best 

Have a good shabbos

Mashiach Now 

Avroham Y Ross

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