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Free From Struggle-Bo!

Sometimes we have situations where life gets difficult. There is a bubble that we create around us and anything that exists outside of that bubble is uncomfortable to deal with. Like going outside on a winter day with no coat, if we leave without our “coat”, our body will be vulnerable to a sickness. On the other hand, if a person puts on a coat, he will be well protected and have nothing to worry about. Same thing is true with the bubble. If a person gets themselves ready mentally for whatever they will face outside of the bubble, taking that step won't be as difficult. They will be protected even without the “coat”.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Bo, Moshe goes to Pharoah with a request off tremendous consequence that would end of changing the fabric of world history. Moshe tells Pharoah to go out of his bubble of reality and do something uncomfortable for him which would be for the benefit of the nation he is using as slaves. Later in the parsha, we see that if Pharoah took a chance and went out of his comfort zone then his country wouldnt have been turned ravaged in divine retribution.

Not everything we do is always comfortable nor will it always give us a great feeling afterwards. However, when we do something that is good for the world that takes us out of our bubble, we will be ready for when the time comes to do something that could be tremendously uncomfortable but will give us the greatest feeling out there of living with the Shechinah. Hopefully, with that said, we can push forward towards the greatest feeling out there by bringing Moshiach!

Good shabbos

All the best!

Avrohom Y Ross

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