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Living Life With Motivation! - Bo

Last Sunday, there was a marathon in Miami. Many organizations participated in this marathon, running 13, or even 26 miles for their cause! On Motzei Shabbos I sat, listened, and watched all the heartbreaking and mind-blowing stories. This whole event gave me a stronger feeling of motivation in my daily life. One organization even gave me the motivation and that extra push to challenge myself to run in the future.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Bo, Hashem wanted to show everyone a reason to believe in Him. Hashem showed the world He was serious, and that He wouldn't back down while fighting for the people He loved. In daily situations we find things that are difficult to carry through, but if we have motivation, we would get them completed. Just like Hashem gave the Yidden of that time a reason, we should give ourselves a reason also. In order to fully understand the way someone can get motivated in this generation, let me bring another example.

Many people have the custom to learn Chumash with Rashi every week. In order to motivate the masses, the previous Rebbe said that the benefit of learning Chumash daily is tremendous. The Ba’al HaTanya said that learning Chumash unlocks the awe for Hashem. Furthermore, learning Chumash every day helps us absorb the inspiration Hashem leaves for us in every single parsha. The makos in this weeks parsha were events which were done for a reason. When we look deeper into the makos, we realize that each one was specifically targeted to neutralize the evil core of Pharaoh. In doing so, we turned the depths of Mitzrayim into a strength of Redemption.

If we look around at our world, we see even something as mundane as a marathon being transformed into light. If we look at the little actions of learning Chumash, we are learning Hashem’s sweet Torah at any moment therefore uplifting our day! Finally, the makos that took the world of Mitzrayim and showed them that we shouldn’t be messed with! Let’s use all these seemingly mundane situations and use them to shine light into the world!

Good Shabbos

All The Best

Avrohom Y Ross

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