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Make Sure Your Dreams Dont Go To Spam! - Shavuos

The crowd is going wild! I look out past the shining light to see all my family and friends who came to support me. The amount of adrenaline and motivation that I have at that moment to give a strong message just increased...This case obviously didn't happen in real life, but it is an example of a situation that happens many times in a different form. Here is my message and lesson for this week. 

People always tell me, “You dream too big." The way I look at life, dreams aren't more than a motivational tip to bring you to action. I can dream to have a speech with lots of people, does it mean I will? (Unless!) 

This week we had three days of pure holiness. Times that were unique to dreaming. A time to plan and possibly to put those plans into action. The message I would like to bring out is that, every person should dream big. Nothing is impossible. We don't control the world whether its good or bad! 

Please do me a favor and join me as we realize our potential in this world and dream big!

MASHIACH NOW All the best Good Shabbos  Avroham Yehudah Ross

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