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Love & Care! - Shemini

There was once a rich man. This rich man decided one day to go for a ride and enjoy the good weather. During his trip he meets up with a very unfortunate sad man who was begging on the street for money. This man feels bad for the beggar and tells him to get into the car and come to his house. When they get to the house the rich man tells the poor man, I want to make you an offer and with this offer I will make sure you are clothed fed and have a place to sleep (I will take care of you). Every day I walk pass the park and every day there is always garbage by the gate. but if every day, an hour before I get there, you will clean up the garbage and make sure the area is nice, and keep it clean,  I will make sure you are well cared for.

This week's parsha touches on this point. It is brought down by the ebin ezra that hashem says that every person who protects himself from eating not kosher (forbidden) meat,  which in this mashal is like keeping the park clean he will be well cared for.

We have a job of keeping ourselves holy and keeping ourselves clean. We need to be just as careful that what we see and hear is as kosher as what we physically put in our bodies.  now let's all do it so the world can copy and bring moshiach now.

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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