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Looks Can Be Deceiving - Lech Lecha

Although science defines a person by his or her genetics, a simple test of a singular question to any mother of identical twins will prove that in fact no two brains are alike. A person may wonder if they look and feel the same as each other how they are different? The answer is found in this week's parsha.

This week’s parsha starts by Hashem telling Avrohom to, “Leave the land that he was born in and the place that his father lives, and to move someplace that he will be told.” Although Avrohom lived in a land where everyone looked and acted similar to him on the outside, everyone was so different on the inside.

By Hashem telling Avrohom to leave in order to go accomplish a task in a different land (Hachnasos Orchim), Hashem accents that each person is truly different. A lesson to take from this is that every person has individuality; therefore, one should occupy themselves in matters in which they have talents. By practicing these matters we will bring Moshiach more speedily!

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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