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Logic V.S Emotion

In my fast-paced job, I've worked on my ability to think through situations and offer effective solutions quickly. However, there are times when I realize that others are looking for emotional support or a more empathetic response. While I may feel like I've addressed their issues logically, they might think they've wasted their time.

In this week's parsha, Va'iera, we read about Moshe and his many conversations with Hashem. According to my understanding of the Rebbe's teachings in Likkutei Sichos, Moshe's approach was rooted in logic, while the Avos operated from a more emotional standpoint. As the Rebbe suggests, the key is finding a balance of emotion, intellect, and faith for a limitless connection.

Human interactions aren't one-size-fits-all, and understanding this is crucial. Even though I'm still working on mastering it, I've realized that knowing is half the battle. Taking a moment to ask people what they need from our conversations—logic, emotion, or validation. So, this week, let's all take a moment to check in with others and ask what they need from our conversations. By doing so, we can create more meaningful connections and, in the process, strengthen our connection with Hashem.

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Yehudah Ross

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