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Life is harsh and full of potential - Beshalach

This week I had midterms, and they were very challenging. Many times during the course of the week, I questioned myself. "Why go through this, cant i succeed without it?” The answer is, by hitting these bumps, and taking the long road. It will give me an experience like never before. Making me a better people.

In this weeks parsha parshas Beshalach, it says HASHEM had a decision to make. Either he could go the quick way to eretz Yisrael, or the long way. The quick way would zip us straight and get us to our goal without learning through hardships. The long way would beat up, disband and almost destroy our nation. But in the end, we would learn many valuable lessons which we all still know today.

In life we have that same choice every day. It's our responsibility to live with those consequences, or those rewards no matter what. So make sure you make your right decision and live life to its full potential. Lets use the full potential to bring moshiach now!!

Moshiach Now

Good Shabbos

All the best 

Avroham Y Ross

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