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Lets complete our goal! - Balak

I have two younger brothers, i am also proud that they are trying to grow up the best they can in this generation. I know he has been mentioned but i want to tell you guys that when my little brother wants to do something it is his job to get it done no matter what happens he will succeed just thinking  We run into a similar scenario in this weeks parsha.

This weeks parsha pasha's balak rolls out like this - Balak the king of moav called bilam to his side to curse the binei yisrael, On the way bilam gets stopped by his donkey and more which were sent by hashem, Bilam tries to curse us from three points and each point we were praised. Wait isn't it if you try your hardest its easy to succeed what happened. The answer is when something is done for evil it wont succeed for unless it succeeds but for a reason from heaven.

Here are two different stories with the same middle . I have decided to take a previously shared goal  so maybe it will rub on someone else and maybe they will try to help in completing the goal of bringing mashiach.

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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