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Let's examine this idea...- Vayeshev

How common this scenario? A coworker or peer keeps doing something that annoys you greatly. You try to ignore it, but the fact that it keeps happening basically makes your brain melt with frustration. After a while you finally say something, but to no avail, it keeps happening. You repeat your request, but it here remains no change.

In this weeks parsha, Parshas Vayeshev, a similar thing happens. Yosef and most of his brothers are in conflict with one another because of his dreams. His brothers plan to kill him by throwing him in a  dangerous pit. He miraculously survives, and a couple of his brothers sell him to a caravan of passing merchants. They acted this way because they were tired of Yosef and his antics.

We all know that if a person wants to he can stop whatever is coming his way. In this case  the brothers wouldn't do bad  apon yosef and in another case stopping to do whatever you are doing to annoy someone would stop a lot of conflict in the world.

With that I'n hand we can spend a while thinking and  changing so that the world is a better place for the days in the near future of mashiach

mashiach now All the best Good shabbos Avroham yehudah ross

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