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Racing the trains - Vayeishev

When I was younger, I used to play a game on my phone called Subway Surfers. The object of this game was to run as far as you can while avoiding moving trains and the policeman hunting you down. If I didn't move fast enough, the policeman would tackle me and the game would be over.

This week's parsha talks about how Yosef was Yaakov’s favorite child. One day, when Yaakov was finished learning with him, Yaakov sent him to find his brothers who were out shepherding the flock. The brothers knew that Yosef would find them so they plotted that, when he found them, they would kill him.

It’s easy to think that Yaakov made a mistake sending Yosef as we see he ultimately ended up in Mitzrayim. However, there’s a tremendous lesson to apply to our lives. Sometimes, in life, we make mistakes. I know that the yetzer hara is always waiting for an opportunity to take me down. The only way that I can circumvent getting “set up” or “tackled” is to take a step in the opposite direction. As the Yetzer Hara continues to plot against us, join me as I take on a mitzva that will bring us further away from the yetzer hara! I hope we can bring Moshiach right now and get rid of the yetzer hara forever.

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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