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Trusting the process -- Vayeshev

I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend at the ohel with my friends from Tiferes. I was looking forward to this weekend because I love spending shabbos in an environment where I can learn from everyone. Additionally, the ohel has always been a place where I could pick up some positive spiritual energy whenever life gets challenging. It was an amazing experience because after the weekend, I felt recharged and was able to take on a Hachlata (Resolution) for this week.

In this week’s parsha, Yosef related to his brothers a few of his grandiose dreams about his greatness. The brothers got intimidated by his dreams so they threw him into a pit. Yehudah advised that he shouldn’t just rot in a pit so they sold him to the egyptians. Life after this point got challenging for Yosef because he was in an unknown land with people who weren't jewish. We see that Yosef had strong character which helped him move up in the government. This point is important because when his brothers came down to Egypt, Yosef was in the right place.

Sometimes we get into difficult situations where it seems like there are no solutions. When Yosef was thrown into a pit the future seemed really bleak, yet Yosef overcame his challenges and became a leader. I hope that when we face a challenge, we will have the willpower to overcome it. With that in mind, let's use all our efforts to overcome this golus and bring moshiach right now!

Good shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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