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Let's brighten chanukah together!)

During this past week, I wanted to do something really badly but unexpected circumstances came up and I wasn't able to. Instead, I had the opportunity to light the menorah with someone who I otherwise wouldn't have been able to, if I left. When I took out the dreidel, it I took a moment to analyze the reasons. Dreidel gave us a moment to hide the Torah when the Greeks showed up and therefore saved us from death numerous times and in numerous ways.

As most of you already know, Chanukah is a time to reflect on the miracle which had happened to our ancestors. Because of the many miracles which happened then, we can live the way we do today.Throughout this Chanukah, I kept asking myself what does a Menorah, Dreidel, or even doughnuts mean to you? The answer is that these ideas take something which the greeks tried to take away from us and spreads it out amongst the world! Not only that, the reasons we still have each of these things are because of the miracles.

The lesson one could take from this is that, sometimes, we are put in unwanted situations but there is always something to learn from it. This time, it was all about lighting up the world through a single candle. Next time, it will be bringing Moshiach with a single mitzvah.

Moshiach Now

All the bestbest

Avroham Y Ross

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