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Keep your head up! - Noach!

During the past little while i have not been as consistent as i strive for myself to be. But throughout this whole process of struggling to write, it taught me something. If a person fails at something its only a sign he should get up, brush the bad away and continue with the good he finds. In last weeks Parsha, Parshas Noach and this weeks Parsha, Parshas lech lecha there was a similar scenario. Last week HASHEM told noach to go build a boat, take his family and some animals away from the flooding of the world. After the flood, noach started a new environment. Even though it was hard he never gave up. In this weeks parsha we talk about Avraham avinu, A man who was in a village and a house that disagreed with his beliefs. He stayed strong and kept fighting because HASHEM said so. We have to remember its the effort that counts we shouldn't give up and will go far.

Recent events in eretz yisrael show that many want us to give up, to surrender as a nation. We cant and shouldn't do that. Stay strong my friends and daven a little bit stronger for the safety of all our people. Mashiach Now All the best Avroham Y Ross

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