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Keep the light shining! - Korach

The Lubavitcher Rebbe brought out something called Mivtzoyim. Mivtzoyim is where Jewish people go out on the street and bring Mitzvos to the people around. For example, this passed week, a close friend and I went to bring the mitzva of Teffilin to people. One of the people we spoke to told us that they were jewish but never actually put on Teffilin.

This week I heard a vort that a tzadik who dies physically is still alive spiritually if you follow his teachings. Doing Mitzvos like teffilin can keep our Rebbe alive while simultaneously helping to bring mashiach. Let's do one more thing this week in order to Bring moshiach Now!

Good Shabbos 

All the best 

Avroham Y Ross

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