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It's over, what now? - Vayigash

During my recent journey, I've found motivation in building streaks—consistent activities that transform into habits and, ultimately, lead to desired outcomes. Recently, a long streak came to an end. Faced with the choice to give up or start again, I realized the transformative power of those days, regardless of their number. It wasn't about dwelling on a missed day but embracing the lessons learned.

During a reflective moment in shul this past Shabbos, a friend and I spoke about this week's parsha. The alternating use of "Yaakov" and "Yisrael" caught our attention. According to the Abarbanel, when Yaakov was broken, or in despair, he was Yaakov. Yet, in moments of strength and joy, he became Yisrael. This insight explains why we are called B'nei Yisrael, emphasizing our potential for resilience and strength.

Drawing from this, the Rav emphasized that operating from a place of sadness invites the Yetzer Hara to amplify negativity with thoughts like "Why try? I already failed." On the contrary, embracing happiness, gratitude, and inner strength opens the door to success. As we try to lead lives similar to Yisrael, we can contribute to a collective journey out of challenges. Though challenging, this shift begins by celebrating even the smallest successes, sparking a positive ripple effect that can transform the world.

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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