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A story to warm the heart! - Vayigash

During this week my friend and I went to an apartment building to blow shofar for the occupants. We met someone who was very reluctant to hear the shofar but when we started blowing she teared up.

I was very curious so I asked why she was reluctant then but now she is crying and the answer blew me away. "I used to go to shul every year and today I had an appointment with the doctor where I was diagnosed with lung cancer. This made me very depressed and sad but when I heard the shofar it lit up my day and made me feel loved and warm again so thanks for coming!

This passed week was chanukah and the rebbe reminds us that just because it isn't chanuka doesn't mean that the light doesn't continue to flow so I hope that each and every person can emulate the light to their own personal level and spread it in order that the light of the world is great enough for mashiach!

Good Shabbos All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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