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It's Our Job - Korach

When a person gets bothered by something, it takes a little bit of reaction time before they stop regular life before doing something about it. Why is it like that? Why doesn't a person do something right away and stop whatever it is faster?

In this weeks Parsha, Naadaav, Avihuu and 250 people rebelled so Hashem started a plague. Moshe and Aharon went to complain that although the people rebelled, they were His people and could change. When Moshe and Aharon went to Hashem, Hashem told them to remove themselves from that area so he could follow through and destroy everyone.

Moshe told Aharon to grab coals and go to the B'nie Yisrael, this would stop the plague and no more people would get hurt. The question becomes why would Moshe try and save people who caused so much trouble for them in the beginning of the parsha.

The answer is that Moshe had patience that these people would change. We all have a job to do and by doing it with love no matter the circumstance maybe it will help us complete it better. Let's all come together and use this love of the job to bring Moshiach right now!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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