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Inspire & Be Inspired! - Vayeira

Why do we get up in the morning? What makes troubled times worth it? Do you mean that we have to always smile, even through all the garbage?

One answer to those questions: inspiration. We get up in the morning because we need to inspire other people. If I see you get up and keep fighting, even through tough times, I will follow. Life is almost like a continuous ripple effect. You think I am the one who inspired you when, in reality, someone just inspired me.

This week's parsha is Vayeira! We see that the first few pesukim speak about Avrohom having visitors three days after his bris. The famous question asked why would Avrohom invite people into his house three days after a big operation? My opinion is that Avrohom was drawn to the biggest inspiration known to man.

Hashem gave Avrohom a tremendous power and he shared it with every single Jewish person. In order not to disregard that power which Avrohom gave us, we all collectively have to use that inner power to stand up and stay strong. Inspire your brothers and sisters with your acts both big and small. With that, we can reach every person on Earth with the greatest unified force ever and bring Moshiach.

A Gut’n Shabbos!!!!!

Moshiach Now

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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