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Getting out of a jam! - Vaera

The past few months i have experienced ninth grade at the fullest. There is one thing that i learned is that everything you do has a good side and a bad side. Good opinions and bad. In this weeks Parsha The Bnie Yisrael Go into slave labor . Some of the jews were upset that maybe Moshe caused the hard work to come on then by trying to talk pharaoh out of it.

Here is a example:  if you are stuck in something and someone pushes you deeper in. just because you feel deeper maybe he is trying  to get you out? The jews of that time didn't realise that and they got upset at moshe.

The same way this happened it happens in our every day life modernized we are deep in Golus and hopefully not getting deeper but no matter what we need to get out. Hopefully we can get out easy in the near future.

Good shabbos to all

Mashiach now All the best Avroham Y Ross

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