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Get Off My Throne! - Korach

This week is a very inspiring time for people who had any connection to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. As his yartzheit comes up this Shabbos, it's a time to reflect on what the Rebbe taught us.

I am a counselor, so I work around kids daily. Some days my campers challenge me and tell me how to do my job! It reminds me of situations with a person who wants do whatever they want, to the extent that they even try to take over another person's job.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Korach, a huge rebellion begins. The same way my campers try to get me with words to do what they want, Korach tried to do the same thing! I don't want to spend too much time recapping about how Korach got swallowed up etc., but that is where the important message that follows is. Don't twist change your ways just because someone wants to manipulate you. DON'T falter when a person dislikes you, or the Torah that you share. Last but not least don't leave the path of Torah or the drive to bring Mashiach simply because someone doesn't follow that path with you.

Do me a favor. As this world starts to buckle at our knees. Keep strong and stay on the path to the ultimate geulah where we can be reunited with the our family, friends, and the Rebbe.

Have an amazing shabbos!

All the best

Good Shabbos

Avrohom Y Ross

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