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Friend Or Foe - Matos

As a teenager, it is always a common feeling that the world is out to get you. For example, you are in school and your teacher reprimands you for whatever you are doing, but your friend is also doing the same thing and doesn't get in trouble. Most people feel that the teacher was picking on you specifically, and for that reason, is out to get you.

In this week's Parsha, Parshas Matos, the Bnei Yisroel crossed the Yarden. During that time, they were attacked and had to go to war with the tribe of Midian. With all the wars that the Yidden faced, someone reading these pesukim may think that Hashem is making so much trouble just for the Jewish people. (For example, the 40 years in the desert, or being in Mitzrayim, for that matter.)

In life we face challenges every day. It may be getting in trouble when someone may have been doing the same, but did not. Or going to war with an enemy nation that has a goal to wipe us out. No matter the circumstance or the test, a person has to stand strong!

If the Yidden weren’t strong enough to make it from Mitzrayim to the Yarden, then Hashem would not have put them there. If you aren't strong enough to live life to the fullest and stand up to its challenges, then Hashem put you here for nothing. This week, let us all make it our mission to stand for ourselves and not feel like we are getting singled out for a bad reason, but because we stood up for ourselves, to transform the world!

Have a great shabbos!

Moshiach Now

All the best,

Avroham Y Ross

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