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Flying Home To Yerushaliam! -

I am devastated to inform you of the passing of another week in which mashiach hasn't come! This week I took a long needed plane trip on my journey towards the northern states of America. On my trip I hope to spread as much Torah and light as possible. I hope to channel the lessons and growth I was so fortunate to get this year into everyone I meet! Every day I wake up and say, “Maybe today we will merit to be In Yterushaliam with moshiach!” In this week's Parsha something very interesting caught my eye. I would like to explain it! Moshe was the leader of the generation and HASHEM didn't let him into Jerusalem. He woke up every day and hoped that maybe there would be a changed decision- maybe if he begged enough he would be able to go in. He tried but to no avail, HASHEM didn't let him in.  In this generation we have every right to get out of golus. HASHEM is begging us, please come home. We wake up every day to HASHEM begging us to change the world's ways.  My friends, we are in the same situation. As we drive further into our week let's keep in mind this message. A Bracha to all, let's have an amazing weekend and hopefully bring mashiach.  All the best!  Your the best!  See you soon!  Avrohom Yehudah Ross

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