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Feeling Bittersweet - Parshas Noach!

Have you ever eaten a bittersweet chocolate? Life is like a bittersweet chocolate, let me explain why. Every day we have all the flavors of a bittersweet chocolate. There is sweet and bitter times throughout the day. In all my life I did not have a month like the one i just had. I spent most of the month in presence of all the places i grew up learning about and grew like you cant believe. This part of life was the sweet part within the chocolate. The next part is a compilation in which all the sadness in life sits, and you can have your own. Whether it be not having moshiach or not feeling like the world is spinning right, that is the example of the bitter in every Jew.

In this week's parsha there is a parable that can be brought. Imagine you're an artist, your profession by day is to spend countless hours making sure paintings are spectacular and perfect. One day you make your best painting and lock it up for the night to show it off the next day. Throughout the night the heat got turned on and all the paint starts to run. The next day when you come to take out the painting it looks horrible. Let's stop for a second, the only feeling i get from this is disgust. Why would hashem do this? In order to really understand the answer i would like to take you on a short journey through the parsha.  In this week's parsha we read about hashem's world. Last week we read how amazing it was to create and just one shabbos later it's corrupted. Why did it change? why do we have to deal with the ink running? The answer is because hashem instituted into the world the same lesson we should have with life!

We should be taught a lesson, the lesson of bittersweetness. While we learn the goodness and kindness of HASHEM, we also learn the bottom half of world with it. Just because something gets sour, corrupted, sad etc. Means we should try harder and make this world even better. Let's make this year stronger than the last, as the Rebbe says “All you need to do is make today better than yesterday!”

Good Shabbos to all!

Moshiach Now


Avroham Yehudah Ross

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