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Faith is the key to Happiness - ki savo

This week my history class was learning the bill of rights and the amendments. When we got to the 8th amendment the Reb Shalom Rubashkin case came to mind. The amazing thing is that even though he has horrid decrees against him and that the government unfairly judged him, he still has his bitachon in HASHEM and he does the avodah of being a Jew with lots of enthusiasm.

This week's Parsha, Parshas ki savo i was learning with my younger brother, we learnt how the person goes to yerushaliam with his first fruit in a basket to give it to hashem. It says in the third aliyah that on the day you bring the fruits you should do it with your full heart and with your full being.

Many times in life we have blockades in the road and many times we are fortunate to  have a open one, but no matter the time or the place we gotta remember that if we do a mitzva or a act to change ourselves others will do the same. Reb shalom rubashkin was put in jail for whatever reason and many people would love to have seen him fall, but no, he is as strong and as proud as every jewish person should be. 

If we put a full mind, heart and body to something we can complete it! With those thoughts lets bring mashiach and finally go to our real home, re united with our loved ones the Rebbe and Reb shalom Rubashkin.



Avoham Yehudah Ross

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