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Failure Without Trying! Zachor

It feels like yesterday that I was sitting in class and taking a test. During that time, I had dreamed of someone giving me all the answers. Sometimes, the easy response is to give up and get the answers without doing work.

Parshas zachor talks all about amalek. Amalek, as explained in chassidus, is a negative force that hardens your heart and prevents you from doing what you know is true. For example,  before I wake up In the morning, the klipa of amalek is already telling me to sleep in causing me to miss chassidus.

Life is difficult at times. Fighting our evil inclination is tremendously draining even without trying to build a dwelling place for Hashem. When it comes to a test, it's normal to want the easy way out. However, we have to push ourselves to do the uncomfortable in order to grow. In the end, the mission should be to become the best versions of ourselves. Hopefully through this, we can bring about the coming of moshiach thus letting all the hard work finally show its results.

Moshiach now!

Good shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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