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Every Little bit counts - Vayeira

This week in school, my class learnt in Tanya that HASHEM planted small amounts of tzadikim in every generation so everybody can learn from them. Every generation has a tzadik, someone who even though the whole world is against his people stays strong with the same message. Keep doing your thing and dont worry about anything else.

In lekutie sichos on this weeks Parsha, Parsha's Vayeira. It says that Avraham avinu who was one man, alone in the world with everybody apposing him. Sat everyday not just giving out the minimum to people who were passing, But giving out wine, fruit and other delicacies with pleasure. Avraham sat in a strange land and did his thing. Avraham was that tzadik and we should learn from him.

Nowadays we face a lot of attacks, much of the world hates us and wants to wipe us off the map. We have to remember as people. As holy tzadikim and as sons/daughters of hashem, That this world is for us. We have to utilize every bit of it, taking In the lessons we learnt and sharing them with future people. Hopefully we can all re unite with our loved ones with the coming of moshiach RIGHT NOW.

Good Shabbos


All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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