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Break the chains - Bo

Hayom Yom says that "Each and every person has their own personal mitzrayim, and within that person there is always a part that is ready and trying to break free!"

In this weeks Parsha, parshas Bo. The third posuk says "Moshe and aaron came to pharaoh and they said to him, so said HASHEM the god of the jews. AD MASIE, How long will you ignore me and refuse to let my people go.

What lesson could we take firom this? The answer is there are many but let me tell you my favorite. In every single generation there's a golus, every single person has their tests fit to their personal standards.

When hashem was saying ad masie to pharoah, true pharoah was the physical ruler. But HASHEM was waiting for us to pull through spiritually. Just like in the last generation, it's our job as HASHEMS children to defeat our enemies and answer the  question of Ad masie. With that lets break those chains together and bring moshiach.

Good shabbos  All the best  Moshiach now Avroham y Ross

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