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Believing in something you Lech Lecha

Lets imagine there's a boy who just moved into a community. He starts going to your school, but since he is new, it's hard to make friends. One day this boy gets a friend but the only problem is, is that this friend isn't the greatest ro-model for him. This friend doesn't teach this boy to do any good and he actually teaches him bad stuff. Now here comes the school and his parents and they say to him when you first joined the school you were a amazing well behaved kid and now you have blown your nice name to pieces. At once the parents and the hanhala of the school separate these two kids and the new kid reverts back to his original state of behavior. Very soon he make many friends and doesn't need the first friend like originally thought. In this weeks parsha and a little bit of last weeks parsha we learn about Avraham Avinu. When he was created there was no such thing as HASHEM, the form of god was the idol. Now lets take a minute to realize that Avraham was able to believe in something that his own father was against. When Avraham found Hashem, He told Avraham to get away from his home where he lived, where he was born, and go to a new place where HASHEM can lead him with no trouble. Nowadays we don't have the tests that Avraham had, we just have to look closely at daily life and change one thing at a time. The days of Avraham and his difficulties are over we don't need to hide our learning or get arrested for teaching torah. But we aren't in our homeland with Hashem. Let's take a moment to do one thing that will bring us closer to the goal!

Mashiach Now Good Shabbos

All the best Avroham Y Ross

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