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Taking An Adventure!- Lech Lecha

This week we all settle back into the yeshiva spirit. Most kids either by choice, or by circumstance, who go away from home for yeshiva, share the same universal feeling the week after. We spend many years around our parents. They teach us things no one else can or will. Suddenly disappearing, for the great benefit of learning, is difficult due to the separation from our physical parents. Now, we can understand what this parsha is talking about.

In Lech Lecha we see Avrohom, one of the Patriarchs of the Jewish people, gets sent by Hashem to leave his father's house to a faraway land. Take your stuff and go! Even though the relationship was hard between Avrohom and his father, he still had to live without that father figure in his life.

Yeshiva is great! A place to stay, to learn, to grow and to build a person from whatever you were, into someone different. Hashem knew that in order for Avraham to reach his full potential, he had to leave his father's home.

Parents are so amazing, not only do they send us away for growth, but they welcome us back at any time. What can we do to turn the feelings of loneliness into love? Do something practical, talk to your parents! Whether you're in school, married, working or living at home, make them proud by showing them that the efforts they put into raising you paid off! Furthermore, remember that even if you are separated from your parents physically Hashem is always there to lead the way.

Moshiach Now

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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