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Be Bold! Get Noticed! _Naso

I had a dream that I was a captain of a baseball team, the frontman of a band, and the boss of a billion dollar company. In each of these three jobs, whenever a new tryout would come, he or she needed to do something spectacular which would show me they could handle the position, instrument, or job.

Every day, many of us go to shul, a room full of people having a conversation with our Creator. No special interviews and no spectacular plays are necessary. You don't even need to be a guitar prodigy! Hashem accepts each and every person just by trying your hardest. It's like He handed us the position without an interview.

Since we are in golus, that line seems frayed. That is why we need to make a bigger effort to untangle it. Hashem is right here and by becoming closer to Him we can use that to become closer to our fellow Yidden. Let's make a difference by trying to end this golus! One act of kindness can tip the scales and bring us closer to Hashem, Moshiach and our loved ones!

Good shabbos!

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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