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Baseball may be a game but you still may never quit! - Devarim

Last week I had a dream where I was in a office with the rebbe and we were having a conversation about baseball. The rest I don’t remember but when I woke up I was really annoyed at myself that I was talking to a nasi about baseball and not about torah.

After being bothered about that for a week, last night I went to a bar mitzvah and heard a story. The speaker said a story about a father and a son who went to a yechidus (private meeting). In the yechidus the rebbe asked the boy if he liked baseball and if his team was losing by 20 runs would he stay by the game. The boy answered he did like baseball and if his team was losing by that much he would leave. The rebbe then asked the boy if the players on the team leave to or do they stay the boy said of course they don’t leave because without them there isn’t a game.

Every person is considered a player and real players even in a hard time don’t give up. This world is tough but if us as the lamplighters we walk away what will happen to future generations? We as a team gotta stay in the game together till the end making this coming sunday a yom tov with the biggest simcha of all with the coming of mashiach.

The amazing thing about this story is it got me to take something I have always loved and turn it into a inspiration to do more and never give up!

Thanks to all

all the best

Have a AMAZING shabbos

Yours truly

Avroham Y ross


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