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Are We Really Adding? _ Bereishis!

Throughout our lives we are taught new things every year that will prepare us for the future. For example in first grade we were taught to do addition so that when we were taught something more complex like multiplication, it won’t be too much.

This week’s parsha we read about the creation of the world. First came the light then after the world was liveable Adam and Chava were created. When we read through this every year I had a question so I asked my mother for the answer. In first grade when we finish a math textbook  we don't repeat it the next year, but we repeat the torah every year no matter how many times we finished it previously! She answered as follows. “Learning about the creation of the world every year gives us a greater understanding of something we may have missed, it isn't repetition”.  

Sometimes life seems like it is on repeat, (we wake up, go to work and then go to sleep).  What are we going to do today which will make it extraordinary and not like yesterday? Hopefully with the mindset of growing in learning and not being repetitive we can break all bounds by learning something new and bring Moshiach.

Good shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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