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A lesson in Patience - Korach

Think for a moment to reflect... Has anyone or any matter bothered you at one time or another? Every person has his/her limits of getting bothered before doing something. Why is it like that why? Why deosnt he/she do something right away?

In this weeks parsha, Parsha's Korach, Korach Dasan, Aviram, and 250 people rebel against the leadership of Moshe. Subsequently, Moshe and Aharon appeal to HASHEM. Before HASHEM sent a fire from heaven which consumed the 250 people, and the earth swallowed up the remaining rebels, they were aloud to remain alive. After the rebellion there was a plague that affected the Jewish people. Aaron was charged with the task of throwing the coal from the misbe'ach in the air which in turn acted to change the  people. The reason why HASHEM wanted the coal to be the catalyst of the cure, was because the people blamed the coal which helped Moshe's karban be burnt while HASHEM rejected that of Korach, ultimately leading to his demise. In order to keep the Jewish people from having a negative attitude toward the coal, it was the coal that Hashem ordered be the tool by which the plague was stopped.

One would ask, "why would Moshe and Aharon plead with Hashem to save the very people who came to complain needlessly and to curse them?" Sometimes patients can eventually give people enough time to correct their ways.  One should excersice patients as best as he/she could in a healthy manner.

We all have levels of patience. We have been more than patient in waiting for Mashiach tzidkainu.  Isnt there some hope that we all can get together and bring him speedily? SO LETS DO IT!!!! We were put on this world with the intention of making it better. Perhaps by exercising patience it will I"H happen now or close to it.

Good Shabbos,

All the best Avraham Yehudah Ross

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